Personal Training

NOTICE: In an effort to keep the SFSU community safe and healthy, Personal Training Services will be suspended until further notice in response to the COVID-19 Virus. If you have additional questions please contact the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Brittney Holloman at Please view our social media for immediate updates.

Our dedicated fitness team is here to push you to achieve your fitness goals. MWC Personal Trainers are National Comission for Certifying Agencies(NCAA)-accredited and ready to help you start your exercise journey. Whether your aim is to build strength, lose weight, be more active, or compete for an event, we’ve got you covered!

General Information

  • Consultations are required prior to starting an exercise program
  • Current MWC membership is required to for all Personal Training services
  • Personal Training services are redeemable only within the first 6 months of date purchase
  • Private Personal Training Studio available
  • Client sessions are one hour

Personal Training Consultation

Consultations are offered at various times during the semester. Trainers and Clients meet here to discuss fitness goals, health and exercise history. Consultations include a full Functional Movement Screening.

Things to Know

  • Wear appropriate exercise attire and bring water
  • Consultations are 2 hours

Fitness Assessment

Complete assessment of overall health and physical status. Clients are recommended to take Fitness Assessments so Trainers can more effectively design exercise programs and track progress. Fitness Assessments include:

  • Body Composition
  • Body measurements
  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Muscular strength and endurance

Things to Know

  • Completion of a Health History Questionnaire (HHQ) is required before evaluation
  • Please avoid eating large meals at least 2 hours prior to assessment
  • Wear appropriate excerise attire and bring water

(Available to all Mashouf Wellness Center Members)

Personal Training – Individual

Private and personalized exercise programs designed for individual goals. Trainers are here to both motivate and educate you throughout your exercise journey regardless of fitness level. Client programs are carefully designed to improve physical fitness and overall health in order to maximize results.

Personal Training – Buddy

Training programs designed for you and a friend! Buddy client programs also aim towards both parties’ fitness goals and keep motivations high. Get personalized workouts with a buddy and share the progress together.

  • Buddy clients must both be current members of MWC

(Only available for Students and Faculty & Staff)


For more information or questions about our Personal Training programs, please contact us at



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