About Memberships

The Mashouf Wellness Center has membership options for the immediate San Francisco State community and beyond. While Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni are our primary membership groups we are pleased to offer membership options to: College of Professional and Global Education (CPaGE), American Language Institute (ALI), and Auxiliary Staff. Please select below for more detailed information about your specific membership type. Please note: The Mashouf Wellness Center only accepts major card companies and does not accept cash or checks.

  • Summer 2024 Memberships: June 1, 2024, to August 18, 2024
  • Visit our front desk, or purchase online at Campus Rec Member Portal

Look below for our Memberships FAQ's. Any specific membership questions, comments or concerns can be directed to mwcmembers@sfsu.edu.


Have some membership questions? Check out our FAQ's (Click to Expand Tabs)

Anyone who is eligible for a membership that is a current student, faculty, staff, and alumni can purchase a day pass.
Once a day pass has been redeemed, it cannot be reused. No re-entry.

Guest Passes can be purchased in-person at the Front Desk by an active member. The guest must always: stay with the active member, be 18 years or older and is required to sign an access waiver. Once Guest Pass has been redeemed, it cannot be reused. No re-entry

To reserve a spot in a Group Fitness class, you must have an active membership. Login to your account at member.campusrec.sfsu.edu, select Group Fitness, pick a class, and register. 

Yes, the Mashouf Wellness Center is a full-service facility! We have lockers, Master locks and towels to check out for day use only. 

No, all students pay the same membership fee. Most students pay this fee within their tuition, and some students have a fee waiver and they will purchase a membership either online or in person.

You can contact the Bursars office, or you can log into your gateway and look up your financial account activity. If it says “rec and wellness fee” your account has been assessed the fee. If it says “rec and wellness fee waived” you fall under the non-assessed category and must purchase a membership at member.campusrec.sfsu.edu or in person at the Mashouf Wellness Center to gain access.

If you are a part of CPaGE or ALI, you are a non-assessed student and can purchase a membership at member.campusrec.sfsu.edu


  • When logging into the member portal website, if you are a student, faculty, staff, or alumni with an SF State ID# you will want to click where it says, “click here”, this will send you to SF State login.
  • If you forget your SFSU ID#, or Password visit troubleshooting website.
  • The MWC has four turnstiles that are extremely sensitive. If you are standing on or in front of the yellow line it will beep at you. Take a step back.
  • If the turnstile beeps after you walk through, it’s just saying hi, or goodbye. If the front desk staff, ask you to come over. They will be able to assist more.
  • If the Front Desk ask to see your ID card, that means your ID card may be damaged and that is why you are unable to enter. Front Desk will instruct you on what the next steps are.
  • Students from 2010-2017 paid the rec and wellness fee within their tuition to help build the Mashouf Wellness Center. The University kept record on how much students paid during that time period and placed a credit on student’s accounts to use towards memberships.
  • You can call the front desk at (415)-405-9355 or visit our front desk during business hours to know how much is on your account. You will need to provide full name, and student ID#.
  • Investor credit can ONLY be used toward a Mashouf Wellness Center membership and is non-transferrable.
  • Membership purchases with Investor credit must be done in person. We will not be able to complete purchase without SF State ID#, Full name, and photo ID.

Feel free to ask the front desk, or login to member.campusrec.sfsu.edu. select ID# (top right corner) select profile, select multi-visit pass.