Faculty / Staff Memberships

Faculty & Staff

Current Faculty and Staff may purchase 1 of 4 membership options. Payroll deduction, Semester, Summer or Annual membership. Campus Recreation also recognizes Faculty and Staff with Emeritus status and are eligible to purchase a semester, Summer and Annual membership at the Faculty and Staff rate.

Please note: Access to the Mashouf Wellness Center requires proof of being fully vaccinated including a booster shot. Please bring proof with a Government issued photo ID when you sign up or on your first visit. Faculty and Staff with religion or medical exemptions must complete an attestation form prior to each visit.

Payroll Deduction: 

  1. Faculty and Staff interested in payroll deduction must complete the payroll deduction agreement form via DocuSign (can be done in-person or remote)
    1. All Faculty and Staff have access to DocuSign, if you haven’t created an account yet, please follow ITS steps Here.
  2. To fully activate Payroll deduction membership, you must come in person to finish the sign-up process and pay a pro-rated amount. Please make sure you have your SF State ID Card with you.

For more details, please read our Payroll Deductions agreement form [PDF].

Membership Terms:

  • Summer Session Memberships: May 23rd through August 21st, 2022
  • Fall 2022 Semester Membership: August 15th, 2022 to January 22nd, 2023.

Faculty and Staff Membership Rates:

  • Faculty and Staff Payroll Deduction: $46/ month
  • Semester Membership: $227
  • Annual Memberships: $564
  • Summer Membership: $114


To Purchase a Faculty & Staff Membership:

  1. Navigate to member.campusrec.sfsu.edu
  2. Sign in at top right corner, select SF State.
    1. Any Login issues please visit https://its.sfsu.edu/
  3. On homepage, select membership icon. A membership option will be listed. If a membership option is not available, please contact the front desk (415) 405 9355.
  4. Choose your membership term and add membership to cart.
  5. Complete payment process and keep receipt via email for your records.

University Retiree:

Faculty and Staff that have emeritus status from the San Francisco State University are eligible to purchase a membership to the Mashouf Wellness Center. Emeritus Faculty and Staff can purchase a membership online or in-person. If unable to sign up online, please bring SF State ID Card, Vaccination Card, and payment card. If unable to provide SF State ID card, please know your SF State ID#. Please visit https://its.sfsu.edu/ to obtain SF State ID#.


Any membership questions or concerns can be directed to our Memberships Staff at mwcmembers@sfsu.edu.