Sport Clubs

A Sport Club is a student organization formed by students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a sport or recreation activity, recognized by the University through the Campus Recreation Department, SICC and Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management. A Sport Club exists to promote and develop interest in that sport or activity at the University. A Sport Club may be oriented toward competition, teaching, recreation and/or socialization. Sport Clubs are all student-based clubs. If you have an idea for a sport club and want to setup a meeting about starting you club, please email

Current SF State Sports Clubs

Check out all our current Sports Clubs. Can't find the one you're looking for? You can always start one, email us at for more information. 

  • Rugby (Email:
    • President: Victor Mendez
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: West Campus Green
  • Tennis (
    • President: Laila In
    • Practice Time: TBD
  • Volleyball (Men's) (Email:
    • President: Ian Lightfoot
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: MAC Gym and MWC North Court
  • Volleyball (Women's) (Email:
    • President: Addyson Mansberger
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: MWC North Court and MAC Gym
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Email:
    • President: Truman Farr
    • Practice: TBD
    • Location: West Campus Green
  • Strength and Conditioning "Gator Strong" (Email:
    • President: Faith Molinari
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: Gym 148
  • Water Polo (Email:
    • President: Keon Jabbour
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: MWC Natatorium
  • Dragon Boat (Email:
    • President: Angel Gapuz
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: Lake Merced
  • Surf 
    • President: Dylan Linde
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: TBD
  • Swim Club (
    • Sydney Giberson
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: MWC Natatroium
  • Striking/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Email:
    • President: Steven Lomeli
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: MWC Studio 206 & GYM 149
  • Judo (Email:
    • President: Clarisza Mora
    • Practice: TBD
    • Location: TBD
  • Taekwondo (Email:
    • President: Nikolas Yoffie
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Locatoin: MWC Studio 122 & GYM 149
  • Wrestling
    • President: Aria Mazroy
    • Practice Time: TBD
    • Location: GYM 149

Cheer (Email:

  • President: Amberlyn Leonard
  • Practice Time: TBD
  • Location: GYM 147

Sport Clubs Resources

Sport Club Handbook

How to Form a New Club

Sports Club Email :-


Sport Clubs Council

The purpose of the Sport Clubs Council (SCC) at San Francisco State University is to promote, develop and assist the Sport Clubs of San Francisco State University. The Sport Clubs Council is a training ground for leadership, organizational development, philanthropy and fundraising. Ultimately, the mission is to facilitate collaboration among SF State Sport Clubs and to positively represent the Sport Club Program to the University and the community.

The Sport Clubs Council is made up of two delegates from each currently registered Sport Club at SF State. The council meets regularly once a month during the academic year to discuss routine business matters. All the meetings are held in the classroom at the Mashouf Wellness center. For more information about sport club council and upcoming meetings, please contact:


Upcoming Events and Announcements

Sports Club program policies



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