Swim Lessons

Adult Lessons:

Whether you are a beginner, experienced, or professional, our swim instructors at SFSU are trained to run a lesson tailored to any needs. We offer lessons to alumni, current students, faculty and staff of all abilities. We provide the knowledge needed from basic water safety all the way to stroke refinement. We are here to ensure all people, no matter the experience, will feel comfortable in and around aquatic environments. Lessons are available during the weekdays.

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    • Option 1: One - 45 minute Adult Swim Lesson
    • Option 2: Four - 45 minute Adult Swim Lesson
    100 Mile Swim Club
    Lap Pool
    Adult Swimming in the Pool

      Have a question about our Swim Lessons, please visit our FAQ page. Any additional questions, comments or concerns regarding Swim Lessons may be directed towards our Aquatic Student Managers at aquatics@mail.sfsu.edu or to our Aquatics & Safety Coordinator, Ben Forchini at forchini@sfsu.edu