Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Our schedule is packed with Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camp, Belly Dance Fitness Classes and more! All MWC members are welcome to attend our Group Fitness classes. 

Group Fitness classes are free, and sign-ups are on a first come first serve.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Download a copy of the schedule here [PDF]

Getting Started: 

Meet your Group Fitness Instructors.

Don't know what a class has to offer? Check out our Course Description page!


How to Sign-up for Virtual Group Fitness classes:

To sign-up for a Virtual Group Fitness class please follow these steps:

  1. Sign-in to the Member Portal at
  2. Click on the tab at the top left
  3. Click on Group Fitness
  4. Click on the class format you wish to register for
  5. Find the date and time and click "Register" 
  6. Click Checkout and "Yes" if you are ready to proceed
  7. Click "Confirmation" to see a PDF Confirmation that will have a Zoom Registration link attached (You'll also receive a receipt via email; however, this will not include a registration link)
  8. Click the Zoom Registration link provided on the PDF Confirmation
  9. Choose your date/time, and fill the required fields to register for the class via Zoom
  10. Check your email for a confirmation, password, and link to join the class at your desired time

Virtual Group Fitness Class Registration will open ONE WEEK before class time.  


The Group Exercise Department utilizes a 10-minute rule, any person who is more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into class.

*Please visit our social media platforms for the most up-to-date Group Fitness schedule

Group Fitness Freebies

Free online workouts can be found here:


To get into the class you must register in member portal. Registration opens 7 days before class starts, and you can register at any time. Arrive early to class because there is a 10-minute check in window. You will not be allowed into class if you are 5 or more minutes late. If you are late, your spot will be given to someone on the waitlist.

Waitlist Available

If you were unable to register for a group fitness class due to a full class, you can join our waitlist. Come 10 mins before the class and check in with instructor/ fitness floor staff to be added to the waitlist. Folks on the waitlist must be in person. You will be added to the class 1min before class starts if there is room.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to come to class, please cancel your registration at least 24 hours in advance. Since we have limited spots available, cancelling your registration allows more spots available for people who want to attend the class. If you forget to cancel/no-show twice you will not be allowed to register and secure a spot in class for 2 weeks. Due to not being able to register online, if you want to attend a class you will have to come to MWC and join the in-person waitlist. How to cancel a registration: Video Link


We welcome anyone and Every(body) to participate in our Group Fitness programs. If you need any accommodations, please arrive early to discuss with the group fitness instructor. Also feel free to email


Mashouf Wellness Center offers these classes to members only. 

Please email if you have any questions or concerns. 


To view PDF files, please download Adobe Reader

Group Fitness Bonus Videos