Mission, Vision, Values

As one of the newest additions to the SF State campus, the Mashouf Wellness Center is a place of buzz and excitement!

Students are calling it:

  • "The center of student life on campus"
  • "Awesome, Spacious gym with a great workout vibe"
  • "Not just a gym - but people helping each other and collaborating as a community"
  • "A new place to go de-stress and improve on fitness goals!"

Join us for a workout, climb, swim, hike or a conversation! We are located on the west side of campus

The Campus Recreation Department is a student-driven department guiding development through transformative activities, creating a sense of belonging within our community, and being a key partner in integrating health and wellness across the University.

We inspire the lifelong holistic wellbeing and success of every student within our community.

We embrace our SF State and NIRSA Values by promoting Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellbeing, Sustainable Communities, Resilience, and Courage.

Our Campus Recreation and NIRSA Values

These values are the lifeblood of our Campus Recreation Department. They are the ideas that drive us forward, push us to the limit and ensure we are running at our best. All are welcome to embrace our values and live by them. Click here to download a personal PDF copy of our Campus Rec and NIRSA values. 

Campus Rec and NIRSA Values
Rec and NIRSA Values Explained