The Gymnasium

Gym Map

Gym 100 – Main Gym

The Main Gym is home to our NCAA intercollegiate athletic teams as well as Campus Recreation programming. This indoor facility has a seating capacity of 1,000. The bleachers when opened require approximately 15 feet. This multi-use space is ideal for a variety of activities. Please note the Main Gym is NOT located in the Mashouf Wellness Center. The Main Gym can be configured in the following manner:


Recreation/Athletic Activities

  • Basketball - one NCAA full length court or two short courts.
  • Volleyball – one NCAA full length court or two side by side courts.
  • Indoor Soccer – one court.

Special Events

  • Martial Arts Tournaments
  • Assemblies
  • Graduation Celebrations

Note: Other configurations within this facility are available upon request. Additional seating accommodations can be arranged depending upon the event.


Gym 100 J and Gym 100 C

Sectioned off smaller areas of the Main Gym perfect for fitness classes and small group activities.


Gym 147 – Small Gym

The Small Gym is an indoor facility with a seating capacity of 400-500 utilizing the entire space. There are no bleachers in this facility. The Small Gym consists of one non-collegiate sized basketball court or two shorter courts. This multi-activity space can be used for the following:

Recreation/Athletic Activities

  • Basketball - one non-collegiate court or two short courts.
  • Volleyball - one NCAA full length court or two short courts.
  • Indoor Soccer - one court.
  • Badminton – Five net courts.

Special Events

  • Martial Arts Tournaments.
  • Assemblies.
  • Graduation Celebrations.


Gym 121 – Swimming Pool

The indoor heated pool is 6 lanes across and twenty-five yards in length (67 feet x 90 feet) with depths of 4’ to 10’. The pool bleachers have a seating capacity of 290