To its core, the Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) is a healthy facility, benefiting the individuals it serves and the environment in which it is located. Efficient energy consumption and practical sustainability were at the focal point of the construction and design phases of the project. The MWC has been recognized as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum, which is the highest level of recognition in green construction. As San Francisco State’s first LEED rated building and one of the few LEED Platinum collegiate recreation-wellness facilities in the country, the MWC is revolutionary at both local and national levels.
Numerous innovative green strategies and features in the daily operation of the MWC bring the department's commitment to sustainability to life. These strategies and features include: discharge water from the pools being captured, filtered and then reused in toilet flushing; an onsite grey water system that uses excess sink and shower water to irrigate landscaping; a displacement ventilation system that minimizes the use of air conditioning, drought resistant landscaping and LED lighting throughout the facility.
Funding for the building, construction and operation of the MWC is paid for by student fees, which were approved by students in 2009-2010, and supported by a generous gift by accomplished alumnus, Manny Mashouf. We strive to build our decisions and programs around SF State students and the immediate SF State community. For more information regarding the MWC project team and sustainability planning, please visit our campus partners: Capital Planning, Design & Construction.

Mashouf Wellness Center architectural layout


Click here for more information about our resource conservation in the MWC.

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