Gator Outdoor Adventures

Gator Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Trips program specializes in delivering high quality outdoor experiences to students involved in the SF State student body.  Driven by our mission to help students grow and learn through appreciation of the natural world. We work to facilitate experiences that help participants develop transferable skills that translate into the classroom, work-world, and beyond.  Whether you're a first timer or an experienced outdoor person, we have something that will engage you above and beyond what's offered in the classroom.  

Outdoor trips offer many different types of trips and clinics including hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, hot spring soaking, backcountry cooking, and camping.  In addition to our regularly programmed events, we offer wilderness medical courses and partner with other entities on campus to create custom events and trips.  Outdoor trips and clinics are a great way to gain knowledge and experience with outdoor skills, make new friends, and to simply have fun while playing outside.

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Experience and Difficulty levels 

Each trip is categorized with an Experience and Difficulty Level to help participants better understand what to expect on trips. However, this is for participants to decide, as it's still encouraged for participants to register for trips that may be rated above their experience and/or difficulty levels to stretch their comfort zone and challenge themselves more in outdoor recreation.  


  1. Beginner: No experience is necessary; this trip is open to all experience levels. 

  2. Intermediate: This trip will be using more outdoors skills.  

  3. Experienced: This trip will involve more advanced outdoor recreation skills.  


  1. Easy: Terrain on the trip should be manageable for all fitness levels.  

  2. Moderate: Terrain and the planned route would be more manageable if your fitness level is a bit higher. 

  3. Difficult: Terrain and the planned route on the trip is expected to be difficult for most fitness levels

Check out our Berkley Boulders Video! 


To learn more about our program policies, visit our Gator Outdoor Adventures program policies sites. 


Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to our Outdoor Trips Student Managers at or to our Outdoors and Leadership Coordinator, Jay Harcum at