The Gymnasium Pool

The Gymnasium Pool:

We are excited to welcome you all to the Gymnasium Pool featuring the following amenities: 

  • Open Monday - Friday, 2pm - 8pm located in Gym 121
  • 6 total swim lanes
  • 25 feet in length
  • depths ranging between 3 feet and 12 feet
Natatorium Map

Natatorium Features

Lap Pool

Lap Pool (CLOSED)

  • Lanes Available: 6 lanes
  • Average Temperature: 78 F° to 81 F° (25.5 C° to 27 C°)
  • Depth Range: 7 feet to 10 feet (2.1 meters to 3 meters)
  • Length: 82 feet (25 meters) 
  • ADA Compliant Chair Lift

Activity Pool

Activity Pool (CLOSED)

  • Average Temperature: 85 F° to 90 F° (29.4 C° to 30 C°)
  • Depth Range: 0 feet to 4 feet (0 meters to 1.2 meters)
  • ADA Compliant: Zero Entrance and Wheelchair Accessible



  • Maximum Capacity: 24 persons
  • Average Temperature: 103 F° to 105 F° (39.4 C° to 40.5 C°)
  • Depth: 3 feet
  • Other: 18 jets and 360° bench seating with ADA compliant entry


Sauna (CLOSED)

  • Maximum Capacity: 10 persons
  • Average Temperature: 140 F° (60 C°)
  • Swimsuits Recommended but not Required
  • 15-minute maximum exposure time recommended

This is a map of the ideal route to the Gymnasium from the Mashouf Wellness Center. For a map of the Gymnasium, click here

Additional Information:

  • Bags, backpacks, and all loose items must be always kept off the pool-deck. Items can be stored in day use lockers in locker rooms. Locks can be rented out free of charge, just ask a front desk staff member when checking in and all you need is your SF State ID number. 
  • Members will be expected to leave the facility immediately after their swim.
  • Members will not have access to showers other than the on-deck shower.
  • Towels will be available at the front desk, but we recommended bringing your own.

Any additional questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to our Aquatics Student Managers at