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Natatorium Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Academic Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am-10pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Note: Click here for Mashouf Wellness Center Hours of Operation

Our natatorium houses two heated pools, a hot tub, sauna, deck shower and fully equipped locker rooms. This naturally lit space serves as a hub for physical activity and hang out space in the MWC. On the pool deck you will find a wide variety of swim accessories available to you including: noodles, kick boards, water weights, pull buoys and more!

Activity Pool: Kept at 81 degrees, our activity pool hosts recreational swimmers, professional pool loungers, swim lessons and all of our Aqua Zumba classes. This pool is 0-4 feet deep and features an accessible entrance.

Lap Pool: With 6 lanes, this pool is primarily used for the serious lap swimmer. It is kept at 78 degrees, is 7-10 feet deep and features an accessible entrance. For those of you keep track of distance, one length of the lap pool is 25 meters.

Hot Tub: Our 24-person hot tub is meant for relaxing and hanging out! The hot tub is kept at an average of 101 degrees and features various adjustable jets. For safety and health reasons, we ask that you limit your time in the hot tub to 30 minutes or less!

Sauna: As a wet sauna, we allow participants to pour non-chlorinated water over the hot rocks to create steam. This space comfortably fits 10 people and we ask all participants to limit their time in the sauna to 15-20 minutes for safety and health purposes.


Events and announcements

MindTravel Floating Meditation + Underwater Concert 

This immersive concert allows you to float weightlessly in the water as composer and pianist Murray Hidary’s real-time compositions are amplified through high-end underwater speakers from Lubell Labs. MindTravelers can float close to the surface using pool noodles or can swim and dance underwater as the music plays. All-the-while, you get to enjoy a journey into the realm of your subconscious mind while experiencing new levels of reflection and rejuvenation through this immersive experience.

Date: September 25, 2019

  • Time (1st Concert): 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
  • Time (2nd Concert): 7:00PM to 8:30 PM

Register Here - MindTravel Floating Meditation + Underwater Concert


What People Are Saying - CLICK HERE to watch our MindTravel Underwater Video

"The incredible underwater experience of surrendering to the flow of life and universal consciousness. This blew my mind in the most profoundly peaceful way. “ @Stephaniehirschart 

“The moment Murray touched the keys, I was instantly transported on an emotional journey allowing me to explore the sound and body connection we all share, it was magical.” - Kim Vandenberg, Swimmer & Olympic Medalist

“With years of meditation research under my belt, I am up for trying anything new in the world of mindfulness! I had so much fun at MindTravel Underwater with Murray Hidary - a new underwater experience where we floated to music coming from the underwater speakers. The best description was that it is like being in the womb!” -Sarah Anne Stewart, Holistic Health Practitioner