West Campus Green Policies & Guidelines

West Campus Green Policies
San Francisco State University
(Effective as of July 1, 2014; Subject to Change)

The West Campus Green area includes the Recreation Field and surrounding areas, in-cluding natural grass areas, picnic tables, restrooms, and adjacent pathways. The area is located along Font Blvd, west of the Humanities building. The Campus Recreation De-partment will be the entity responsible for managing and scheduling the space.

General Policies

  1. Use of the West Campus Green area is restricted to appropriate activities, which fall within University policy.
  2. Students, Faculty, Staff may be required to show proof of University ID to utilize the area. All non-University users must have prior approval to use facilities.
  3. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or drugs are permitted. Any patron caught with these substances will be asked to leave and/or events may be canceled. SF State is a smoke-free campus and smoking is only allowed in designated areas (see campus smoking policy)
  4. No grilling or cooking of any kind is allowed on the premises.
  5. Sales or distribution of food and other merchandise are generally not allowed at the West Campus Green. Permission under special circumstances may be granted, but individuals and groups must follow University rules and policies (see Time, Place, and Manner: Use of Buildings and Grounds policy [PDF File])
  6. Bicycles must be parked at the designated bike racks. Bicycles must not be ridden on the Recreation Field, lawn area nor attached to light poles, goals or other objects.
  7. No skateboarding, skating, or riding of scooters on campus grounds. Once on campus, riders should carry or walk with their equipment.
  8. Walkways should be kept clear of equipment and obstacles, including soccer goals.
  9. Individuals and groups are required to pick up any trash and are expected to dispose of it properly in designated bins.
  10. Large inflatables and bounce houses are not permitted without prior approval from the University.
  11. The West Campus Green is located close to classrooms, offices, and living spaces, and individuals and groups are asked to be respectful of their noise levels to prevent disruption to others. The use of amplified sound of any kind will generally not be allowed. However, under special circumstances special permission may be granted through the Student Involvement and Career Center Office and users must follow University rules and policies (See Time, Place, and Manner: Use of Buildings and Grounds policy [PDF File])
  12. All patrons are expected to use proper conduct. Infliction or threat of bodily harm, whether done intentionally or with reckless disregard, including threat or action in retaliation for making allegations of misconduct, is prohibited. (See Time, Place, and Manner: Use of Buildings and Grounds policy [PDF File])
  13. Individuals who have reserved the West Campus Green must have a copy of their event confirmation on them throughout the duration of their reservation.
  14. Policy Exceptions — Requests for exceptions to any of the West Campus Green policies, including use of the Recreation Field, should be submitted in writing to Campus Recreation.

Recreation Field Policies

  1. Recreation Field hours of usage are 10:00am-10:00pm daily during the school year, and 8:00am-10:00pm daily when school is not in session.
  2. Players play at their own risk. Campus Recreation and San Francisco State University will not assume responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in facilities. Participation is voluntary. All individuals are encouraged to obtain a physical examination and suitable insurance coverage before participating in recreational activities.
  3. The Recreation Field is open for drop-in use by campus members when not reserved for scheduled Campus Recreation programs or other University or community scheduled activities. Please browse our Facilities Calendar.
  4. The Recreation Field is intended for appropriate sports and recreation activities. Inappropriate sports and recreation activities are not allowed, including golf, baseball, and softball.
    The following are not permitted on the Recreation Field:
    • animals, with the exception of service animals
    • food, drink (except water), sunflower seeds, tobacco products, chewing gum
    • metal cleats and metal-tipped molded cleats
    • smoking
    • stakes and other sharp objects
  5. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven onto the Recreation Field at any time. Parking is also prohibited on the Recreation Field.
  6. Recreation Field lining is not permitted, including paint, chalk, tape, or adhesive material. Anyone caught lining the Recreation Field will be subject to payment for damages.
  7. Recreation Field is subject to closure for maintenance or inclement weather. In addition, Campus Recreation has the authorization to cancel any activity at any time if deemed necessary.
  8. Facility users must follow all posted regulations and comply with decisions made by Campus Recreation and its staff (including presenting ID when required) to ensure the safe and effective operation of the facility and programs. Campus Recreation staff have the authority to cancel events and also have the option to contact University Police for assistance at any time.

Recreation Field Lights

  1. Lights on the Recreation Field will automatically turn off at 10:00pm Sunday through Saturday when the field closes. Players are asked to leave the area when the lights turn off at night.
  2. Requests for the field lights hours to be adjusted for a specific event must be made as part of the reservation agreement in advance of the event.

Recreation Field Closure and Notification

  1. When the Recreation Field is determined to be unplayable (i.e., standing water, saturation, lack of visibility), activities may be suspended and/or canceled to avoid further damage to the field or risk of injury to individuals.
  2. If the Recreation Field is deemed “UNPLAYABLE” by the Campus Recreation Department or SF State Facilities staff, signage will be posted at the area. Players must stay off the fields during this time.
  3. Individuals may check the most updated information on a field reservation or field condition by going to the Facilities & Reservations page.

Recreation Field Reservation Policies

  1. First consideration for reservations will be given to Campus Recreation programs and activities. When the Recreation Field is not in use for a dedicated Campus Recreation program or activity, student organizations, campus groups, and community groups can request to reserve the facility. Groups may check for availability of the Recreation Field using the online Facilities & Reservations page and clicking on Browse for Space.
  2. The Recreation Field cannot be reserved Monday through Friday between 12:00pm-2:00pm when classes are in session as this time is dedicated for open drop-in use.
  3. Students requesting reserved space on the Recreation Field must be affiliated with a recognized student organization to reserve the space (recognition is obtained annually through the Student Involvement and Career Center).
  4. Student organizations and on-campus Departments can submit an online reservation request to use the Recreation Field starting the third week of both the fall semester and spring semester. Reservations will be granted to student groups only during the academic fall and spring semesters when classes are in session.
  5. Outside community groups interested in reserving the Recreation Field will be required to contact University Property Management at (415) 338-1067.
  6. It is the responsibility of the group reserving space to pay for any insurance requirements and/or University Police Department officer(s) if deemed necessary by the University to host their event or activity on the Recreation Field.
  7. A supervisor, or other Campus Recreation personnel, may be required dependent on the event needs. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to cover the cost of the necessary staff, if required, and outside of normal Campus Recreation staffing levels.
  8. Groups reserving the Recreation Field for activities are responsible for the conduct and actions of those associated with and participating in the event. This includes casual spectators as well as followers and team members/opponents.
  9. Groups will be charged for any damage or cleanup that results from their approved scheduled activity. Extra trash, recycling, and composting bins may be requested at the time of reservation.
  10. Campus Recreation can provide athletic equipment upon request if available. Some equipment that is requested by a group to be used during an event may incur a rental fee for use of the equipment. Equipment requests should be made at the time a reservation is placed.
  11. The restrooms will remain locked unless opened by special request. Requests to unlock the restrooms should be made at the time a reservation is placed.
  12. 12. West Campus Green Rental Rates:
  West Campus Green (North Recreation Field, South Recreation Field, & Picnic Area) North Rec Field
South Rec Field
Additional Staffing (only if required, and outside of normal Campus Rec staffing levels)
Student Groups No Charge No Charge $20/hr/person
(0-8 hrs)
On-Campus Departments No Charge No Charge $20/hr/person
(0-8 hrs)
Off-Campus Groups $300/hr (0-2 hrs);
$150/hr for each additional hr.
$220/hr (0-2 hrs);
$150/hr for each additional hr.
(0-8 hrs)

Lawn Area & Picnic Tables Policies

  1. The lawn area and picnic tables adjacent to the Recreation Field are not to be used for sport activities, however leisure activities are permitted.
  2. The lawn area may not be reserved.
  3. The picnic table area may be reserved along with the Recreation Field; however, this area cannot be reserved separately on its own.
  4. All food trucks coming to campus must make a request to the University Corporation (UCorp). UCorp will handle the contract and logistics. UCorp requires two (2) weeks advance notice. They can be contacted at: (415) 338-2246.

For More Information:

Campus Recreation Office: Mashouf Wellness Center
(415) 405-9355