Wideshot of Half Olympic-sized pool

Our Natatorium houses two heated pools, a hot tub, sauna, deck shower, and fully equipped locker rooms. This naturally lit space serves as a hub for physical activity and hang out space in the MWC. On the pool deck you will find a wide variety of swim accessories available to you including: noodles, kick boards, water weights, pull buoys and more!

Activity Pool : Kept at 81 degrees, our activity pool hosts recreational swimmers, professional pool loungers, swim lessons and all of our Aqua Zumba classes. This pool is 0-4 feet deep and features an accessible entrance.

Lap Pool : With 6 lanes, this pool is primarily used for the serious lap swimmer. It is kept at 76 degrees, is 7-10 feet deep and features an accessible entrance. For those of you keep track of distance, one length of the lap pool is 25 meters.

Wideshot of Half Olympic-sized pool

Hot Tub : Our 24-person hot tub is meant for relaxing and hanging out! The hot tub is kept at an average of 101 degrees and features various adjustable jets. For safety and health reasons, we ask that you limit your time in the hot tub to 30 minutes or less!

Sauna: As a wet sauna, we allow participants to pour non-chlorinated water over the hot rocks to create steam. This space comfortably fits 10 people and we ask all participants to limit their time in the sauna to 15-20 minutes for safety and health purposes.

Wideshot of Half Olympic-sized pool

We allow the natatorium to be reserved for special events by qualified groups, however, we require that these reservations fall outside of the natatorium’s normal operating hours. 

SUSTAINABILITY FACT: Our grey water system recycles and treats the excess water from the pools, bathrooms, and showers to re-use in our toilets and irrigate our landscaping.