Mashouf Wellness Center FAQ's

Who can participate in sports club?
Participation in a sport club is strictly for SF State students ONLY (Grad and Undergrad).

How much does it cost to participate?
Participation costs vary per club.

When are practices for sport clubs?
Practices dates and times vary per club.

Does sport clubs travel?
Sport Clubs also can host or travel to other schools for competitions or practices. Sport Clubs can use approved SF State facilities at low or no cost, including the MWC.

What are the list of sport clubs at the MWC?
Men's Volleyball Club, Women's Volleyball Club, Water Polo Club, Taekwondo Club, Karate Alliance, Judo Club, Capoeira Club, Gator Strong Club, Gator Rugby, Dragon Boat, Climbing Club, Cheer Team, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Club, Badminton Club.

Where can I get more information? 

What types of events are held?
We host two big events for Campus Rec: Costume Dodgeball in Fall and the 5K Walk, Run & Roll in the Spring. Both are open to students but the 5K is also open to faculty/staff and the general public!

Is there an age group for the 5K run?
For the 5K, we had no age requirements and there were registration fees that varied based on reg group (student vs. staff vs. public).

When does Costume Dodgeball and 5K Run happen?
Costume Dodgeball will be held on Thursday, October 25th this year and the 5K will be on April 28th, 2019.

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Who is able to attend to Group X Classes?
It is open to all who are students/ faculty/ staff who have access to the Wellness Center.

How can people sign up for Group X Classes?
Participants can request a spot in the classes from their fusion portal. You sign up online at the fusion portal ( Do you have to sign up? Yes, you check in at the fitness floor desk, they will give you a ticket to give to your instructor.

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What does primary task at MWC?
Primary task is policy enforcement and building supervision during other program areas events, programs and operating hours.

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What is the process of receiving a PT Session?
Fill out the PT interest form online, pickup a new client packet to fill out the paperwork from the front desk as well as turning it in there, it will go to the health and fitness specialist to be approved (to see if they need medical clearance or not), then once approved it will go to me and i will reach out to set up a consultation with them with one of the PTs I feel best suits them.

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What are some of the activities we offer?
Some of the programs we offer are Dive In Movies, Through Aquatics and Student Orgs, Keylog, Lumber log and compete/ tournaments, Volleyball, Basketball Hoops

How to be Certified Lifeguard ?
Lifeguards: Step 1: Certification CPR, lifeguard, First Aid, Step 2: Currently enrolled in SFSU Step 3: No work study Step 4: submit app through orgsync Step 5: campus/employment tab

Where can I get more information?

How Do I sign up for participation?
You are able to sign up through Fusion SFSU (online) 

Who is allowed to participate in outdoor trips?
Alumni, Faculty, Members, Students. 

How much does it cost to participate?
10$-60$, food, group gear: Rope wall support, transportation. 
Personal Items can be rent through ORC. 

Where can I get more information?

What are the prices of the each program?
Kayaking cost $200 and Sailing cost to $210, (which also includes the Kayak and Paddles)

What are the hours of operation?
We are open from 9AM  to 4PM, Monday through Friday

Where Can I get more information?

Where can i apply for classes? Do I need to reserve a space?
Classes can be found at campus rec page. No Reservation is needed! Just come in! 

What are the different type of belt levels?
White belt: Trying a climb, Yellow belt: In an orientation, Green belt: Taken Orientation, Blue belt: Passed assessment, belay certified, Pink belt: lead certified

  • ***24 HOURS between orientation and assessment
  • orientation is required for all members of our climbing community
  • new and experienced climbers welcomed

What are the hours of operation?
We are open on Sunday to Friday from 2pm-10pm, and closed on Saturday

Do I need any to bring any equipment ?
All students are able to rent out harness, shoes, belay devices for free!

Where can I get more information?
check out more clinics and register for them campus rec homepage and contact

How Do I reserve my spot for VR?
Physically come in and put down name on waitlist!

What games do you offer?
We offer only Fitness games.

What is the duration of the virtual reality fitness?
It is a fitness workout for 30 mins.

If I am currently a student don’t I get a free membership?

No, all students pay the same membership fee. Most students pay this fee within their tuition, and some students have a fee waiver and they will purchase a membership either online or in person.

How do I know if I pay the rec and wellness fee within my tuition?

You can contact the Bursars office, or you can log into your gateway and look up your financial account activity. If it says “rec and wellness fee” your account has been assessed the fee. If it says “rec and wellness fee waived” you fall under the non-assessed category and must purchase a membership at Campus Rec Member Portal or in person at the Mashouf Wellness Center to gain access.


What if I am a part of the College Extended Learning, or American Language Institution?

If you are a part of CEL or ALI, you are a non-assessed student and can purchase a membership at Campus Rec Member Portal


I can’t login to my member portal account. It keeps giving me an error message.

  1. When logging into the member portal website, if you are a student, faculty, staff, or alumni with an SFSU ID# you will want to click where it says “click here”, this will send you to SFSU login.
  2. If you forget your SFSU ID#, or Password. Visit troubleshooting website.


When I enter the Mashouf Wellness Center through the turnstiles it always beeps, or doesn’t let me in. What am I doing wrong?

  1. The MWC has four turnstiles that are extremely sensitive. If you are standing on or in front of the yellow line it will beep at you. Take a step back.
  2. If the turnstile beeps after you walk through, it’s just saying hi, or goodbye. If the front desk staff, ask you to come over. They will be able to assist more.
  3. If the Front Desk ask to see your ID card, that means your ID card may be damaged and that is why you are unable to enter. Front Desk will instruct you on what the next steps are.


What is this investor credit people keep talking about? How do I know how much I have? Can I use this for anything? Can I purchase membership over the phone?

  1. Students from 2010-2017 paid the rec and wellness fee within their tuition to help build the Mashouf Wellness Center. The University kept record on how much students paid during that time period and placed a credit on student’s accounts to use towards memberships.
  2. You can call the front desk at 415-405-9355 or visit our front desk during business hours to know how much is on your account. You will need to provide full name, and student ID#
  3. Investor credit can ONLY be used toward a Mashouf Wellness Center membership, and is non-transferrable.
  4. Membership purchases with Investor credit must be done in person. We will not be able to complete purchase without SFSU ID#, Full name, and photo ID.


How do I check to see how many visits I have remaining from my 10-punch pass?

Feel free to ask the front desk, or login to Campus Rec Member Portal select ID# (top right corner) select profile, select multi-visit pass.


What if I only want to work out for the day?
Anyone who is eligible for a membership. That is a current student, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni can purchase a Day pass.

What If I have an active membership, but want to bring in a guest.
You can purchase a guest pass on Make sure when you enter the facility you check in with the front desk. ALL GUEST MUST BRING GOVERNMENT ISSUE PHOTO ID, AND BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.

How do I register for a group X class?
To reserve a spot in a group X class, you must have an active membership. Log on to your account select group fitness, pick a class, and register. Please note you can only reserve a spot 24 hours before the class starts.

Do you have a locker room and showers?
Yes, the Mashouf Wellness Center is a full service facility! We have lockers, master locks to check out, showers, dry sauna, etc.

What are the hours of operation?
We are open on Mondays to Fridays, from 12pm-7pm

What are outdoor resources your department offer?
Gear for hiking, camping, backpacking, and rock climbing

How much does it cost?
The Price range goes from $1 to $6/day

How many days are you allowed to rent?
You are allowed to rent an item up to 12 days

Are there Guide book available to rent?
Yes, guide books are free to rent

How much does each cost if its late?
There is a late fee of $5 Late fee for each item when its late

Who are allowed to play for intramurals?
SF State students, staff, and faculty are allowed to play for intramurals.

Do we make teams or can we join any team?
Participants can make a team or become a free agent online at

How Much Does It Cost To be in a team?
There is a $30 fee per team.

Where are competitions located?
Competitions occur either in the Wellness Center or on it's recreation field

What are hours you compete?
Monday-Thursday from 7pm-11pm.

What do you win?
The winners of each league are rewarded a championship shirt.

What Sports are Offered for Intramurals?
Indoor Soccer, COED/Men's Outdoor Soccer, Open/Men's Basketball, Volleyball, and Flag Football.

  • Develop Risk Management Handbooks
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Develop Emergency Action Plan
  • Maintain safe environment for guest and employees
  • Assess & finalize Connect2 reports documented
  • Develop in-house training videos for current staff
  • Offer in-house training to current staff
  • Offer American Red Cross CPR/AED/Lifeguarding Courses
  • Audit program areas

Where is San Francisco State Kids Camp Located?
San Francisco State Kids Camp or SFSKC is located in the Mashouf Wellness Center.  We utilize the rockwall, swimming pool, recreation field, multipurpose activity court, and the classroom for movies on a daily basis.

How older do my campers need to be in order to attend SFSKC?
Our campers are ages 5-12 years old.  Campers should be entering Kindergarten through to sixth grade.  This is our second year and we are extending the age to include 12 year olds to welcome back our 11 year olds from last year.

How much does SKFSKC cost per week?
Like most universities, we have different prices for different affiliates. The price breakdown is:
Students - $250.00/week plus fees.
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, $275.00/week plus fees.
Community Members or unaffiliated persons, $300.00/week plus fees.

What forms do I need to sign for Kids Camp?
We will provide all the forms in hard copy at our forms party.  Details for the forms party will be coming in the Spring.  The forms party is for parents and we will provide a breakdown of camp, as well as a tour of the Mashouf Wellness Center.

How do I check in for a class?
-Go to the fitness desk and ask an attendant to check in. Make sure you are there 15 minutes early for check in. You will need your student ID or your ID number to check in. You will be given a pass to bring to the class and give to your instructor.

Where can I get foam rollers or bar pads?
-You can go to the fitness desk and they will provide you with one.

What are the towels used for?
-Blue towels are sweat towels, brown towels are cleaning towels, if we run out on the floor let us know and we can provide you with one and go restock them.

How can I get assistance or a spot with a machine?
-You can ask any of our fitness staff, they are all trained to properly spot.

Who is allowed to use the massage department?
is a paid service that is offered to all members of the Mashouf Wellness Center.

What are the prices for a session?
Different pricing based on membership type are listed on our Campus Recreation Massage page. Members can go to Massage page in order to find procedures on how to purchase and schedule a massage.

What are the types of massages you can get?
The Massage Therapy Department offers three different types of massages: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage. We offer 25 min massages and 50 min massages.

Where is the Massage room located?
The massage room is located in the far back corner of the Free Weight Area, overlooking the Natatorium.

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